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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Kappa Beta Omega Chapter, Vallejo, California
Carolyn Jackson*/** 
Rachelle Jackson
Camille Jefferson
Minnie Johnson
Angela Wilson Jones
Michelle Jordan Faucett***
Julia M. Lamons***
Esker-D Ligon
Kim F. Miller***
Sabrena R. Miller***
Ralonda Molex
Sheila Quintana
Barbara Scott-Dempsey
LaShante Scott
Shannon Seay
Lesley Stewart
Mary Stowes-Knodt
​Reyanna Stowes
Sandra Stowes
Angel Thomas
Carmen Marie Vance
Geneva Rogers Watts*/**
Gwendolyn White
Andrinee A. Wilson-Tucker
Hazel A Wilson*/***
Jacqueline Woods
Annie Marie Young*/**

*Charter member
**Golden Soror, 50-year member of
​Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
***Silver Soror, 20-year member of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


LaVerne C. Barbarin***
Patricia Barber
Ida Barbour
Ramona Bishop
Stephanie Lynn Bowens
Belinda Byrd
Nakiesha Brooks-Davis
Sarena Brumfield
Delannia Caldwell
Cleo Chaney
Deborah Chaney
Juanisha Cox
Suzanne E. Crutison***
Carol DeGrace
Aleisha T. Dobbins
Vivian Evans
Mary Faucett
Wanda Firle
Patricia C. Fortman*
Lisa Freeman
Sheila Kibble Gibson***
Mary Jane Greene
Marian L. Harrell
Kahlia Hawkins
Darnella Broaden Hendrix
Lynette P. Henley***
Rosalind K. Hines***


Kappa Beta Omega Chapter was chartered March 23, 1974 in Vallejo, California. Charter members are Earline Briggs, Dorothy Brown, Lydia Elliott, Patricia Fortman, Janice Foster, Carolyn Jackson, Marsha Lee, Grace Patterson, Marva Rogers, Geneva Watts, Carmel Webster, Nona Webster, Mildred Welch, Hazel Wilson, Johnetta Wilson, and A. Marie Young. 

Officers 2017
Angela Wilson Jones, President
Sandra Stowes, First Vice President
Suzanne Crutison, Second Vice President 
Rosalind Hines, Treasurer
Hazel Wilson, Financial Secretary*
Carmen Marie Vance, Recording Secretary
Stephanie Bowens, Assistant Recording Secretary
Kim F. Miller, Corresponding Secretary
Lesley Stewart, Assistant Corresponding Secretary
A. Marie Young, Parliamentarian
Ralonda Molex, Ivy Leaf Reporter
Gwendolyn White, Hospitality

Members at Large
Aleisha Dobbins
Kahlia Hawkins
Camille Jefferson
Mary Stowes-Knodt
Sheila Quintana
International Committee/Boards
Lynette P. Henley, EAF Board of Directors
Hazel Wilson, Member, EAF Advisory Board